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July 21, 2014

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Seriously, we’re busy people. We don’t have time for frailties of the flesh like hangovers, jet lag or, perish the thought, the flu.

So we’re keeping a new home-delivery service--besides immediate grocery delivery--on speed dial. It’s The Cure LA, a company that provides in-your-home IV nutrient therapy.

The way it works is simple: A licensed nurse comes to your house and hooks you up to an IV drip for 30 to 45 minutes while you relax. (Note: You'll need to have an initial consult with a doctor just to make sure it's safe for you to get the supplements.) As for what's in your bag of vitamins? Think B complex (B5, 6 and 12), vitamin C, glutathione (an antioxidant) and magnesium. You can also add extras like Zofran (to quell nausea) or Toradol (an anti-inflammatory).

Your hangover is gone as quickly as the treatment lasts, leaving only the headache of the $299 bill. But hey, feeling healthy? Priceless.

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