Fitness Recovery


Experience Peak Performance and Swift Recovery

Whether you're an Ironman or a weekend warrior, dehydration of any kind can affect your concentration, memory, and overall athletic performance.  Our IV Athletic Performance Therapy replenishes hydration levels and electrolyte balance, allowing you to bounce back more quickly when you’ve pushed yourself beyond your limits.

Ideal for the athlete who wants to enhance their performance or speed their post workout recovery, this package replenishes electrolytes and boosts energy with Vitamin B and trace minerals.  We've mixed the ultimate athletic IV infusion to restore energy and promote muscle recovery with hydration, minerals, Oxygen, and Glutathione (to fight free radicals).  We can even include anti-inflammatory if you need it!

Perfect for professional athletes or anyone who has overexerted themselves through physical activity.  The Cure’s Athletic IV Hydration Therapy includes up to two liters of hydration fluids combined with vitamins, coenzymes, and amino acids to assist in muscle recovery and regeneration along with your overall physical health.

Benefits of IV Athletic Performance Therapy:

  • Experience peak athletic performance and recover faster.
  • Restore your natural balance of electrolytes and fluids.
  • Improve your energy levels and recovery times.
  • Relieve joint inflammation.
  • Enhance training and competition performance.
  • Experience better sleep.
  • Boost your overall mood and stamina.
  • And much more!