Rachel Russel, Stylist, Ford Artists + President & Founder, Style Saves

"I'm a proud road warrior and last year I flew over 130,000 miles on more than 110 flight segments for business and pleasure. I work hard and move fast 24/7. I call The Cure every time I'm in LA to book a their treatments. Its exactly what I need, I just wish they were in every city I land in."

Peter Huson, Mechanical Engineer, Rayotek Scientific + Event Producer, Blap Productions + Project Engineer, Northern Nights Music Festival


Devin Taylor- Model, Actress, WWE NXT Diva

"Between work and pleasure my schedule is action packed with demanding physical activities and mental tasks. Long days at the gym and being stuck on set shooting until the perfect shot is captured have become a normal part of my life. I always do my best to keep up but when I'm visiting home in Southern California its nice to have the luxury to be able to call The Cure to book a treatment and have them come to me. The staff are caring, friendly, and professional and make you feel like family."


Cooper Helfet- NFL Seahawks Tight End. 2013 Superbowl Champion pictured above leaping over Shelton Johnson of the Oakland Raiders at CenturyLink Field on August 29, 2013. 

As a professional athlete I push my body to the limit every single day both on and off the field. There's very little down time even in the offseason. Vitamin injections and IV nutrient therapy from The Cure gets me energized, focused, and ready for whatever is thrown my way. 



Captain Jeff Zube- Airline Transport Pilot for a commercial airlines. Pictured above getting ready for takeoff out of Las Vegas!


"Aviation is my profession and I have zero room for error when it comes to the safety of my passengers. As a pilot I am exposed to unpredictable factors outside of my control- like the weather and Air Traffic Control. After multiple turns in a single day Los Angeles is a great place to layover for the evening. An IV Nutrient Therapy session from The Cure keeps me in tip top physical and mental condition. Tomorrow will be a busy day."

Carli Berg, Medic, United States Air Force

"I'm not sure what to say, is it that I practice what I preach or I preach what I practice? I administer some of the same treatments to military personnel everyday. The Cure delivers services that are amazingly effective for people who participate in high level physical and mental active. And yes it does cure a hangover too. If I weren't afraid of giving myself a shot or IV I would but its nice to be the patient for once!"


Scott Whitfield (Left), Owner of Wunder Management. Richie Walls (Right), Owner of FilmEngine.


Scott- "My days get packed with non-stop events and meetings. What can I say? It's the Hollywood grind. The doctors and nurses at The Cure LA are nothing short of amazing. I go with the Advanced IV package and a shot of B-12, the effects are instant. Anthony and his medical team deliver all the time every time."


Richie- "After a weekend of physical activity and cheering on the Vols its time to get back to the world of entertainment. A quick call to The Cure and I know they will get me to 110%. The process is easy and the results are great. Its a real treat for my crew when they are in the middle of a long stretch of endless production days."